File name:Firmware for LA.MV9.P-V29 LANGHUA
Category:Firmware & Software
Published:2013-11-14 19:27:02
Update:2015-12-23 12:34:56

Please copy the following link and download the rar file:

  1. There are at least four different versions of the driver board V29/V59. Each company USES a different file name and the file size is different. Please make sure you board manufacturer, and select the correct firmware file corresponding to the related manufacture. Please don't modify the file name.
  2. If you choose the program of other factory, you may not be successfully write it to the drive board, or it is written to, but driver board can't work, and will damage the driver board.
  3. This rar file is only for LA.MV9.P-V29 and the manufacture in Chinese character-LANGHUA.The file name is "LAMV29.bin".Each bin file size is 737kb.
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