B101UAN01 + NT68676
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HDMI+DVI+VGA Driver Board + 10.2inch Multi-Touch Panel + USB Controller + 10.1inch 1920*1200 IPS LCD Display B101UAN01 B101UAN02 B101UAT02

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    The Multi-Touch Panel Suitable for 10.1inch 10.2inch LCD Model:
    and so on
    Multi-Touch Panel Features:
    Outline Dimension 235mm*145mm (9.25inch*5.71inch)
    Active Area 222mm*132mm (8.74inch*5.20inch)
    ---The touch screen is connected to the PC/Notebook USB port via a USB cable.The driver program can be installed automatically when the USB cable is plugged into the PC/Notebook USB port.So it needn't driver program.

    Kind Note:
    ---The driver board can be worked with lots of lcd with different resolution after upgrading the firmware,such as:
    ......up to 2048*1154@60Hz

    The Related Items for the Controller Board:
    ---12V AC Adapter:
    ---HDMI Cable:

    Package includes:
    ---1× HDMI+DVI+VGA Driver Board
    ---1× Keyboard with Wire
    ---1× LVDS Cable
    ---1× LED Inverter Board( 40Pin LCD needn't. Only for 50Pins LCD )
    ---1× 10.1inch 1920*1200 IPS LCD Display ( Random 1 pcs from: B101UAN01 B101UAN02 B101UAT02 )
    ---1× Multi-Touch Panel + USB Controller Cable
    There are two kinds of interfaces for B101UAN01 / B10AUAN02 / B101UAT02
    ---40pin: needn't LED inverter board, only uses 40-pin 2-channel 8-bit LVDS cable
    ---50pin: need LED inverter board,uses 50-pin 2-channel 8-bit LVDS cable

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